Sore throat?

I have have a sore throat for a week now that will not shift away. It is the worst when I swallow.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

I lately answered a similar question from someone else seeking nouns from a sore throat. First try a tea made from lemon, ginger and honey. Also hot apple cider works well. You can also gargle next to warm marine and salt. Do not swallow, purely gargle well and spit it out. Good luck.
elm yelp it comes in teas from vitamin stores. also try vitamin c beside biflavinoids
Take one glass of marine mix it with1tsp pepper, 1tsp turmeric, 1tsp garlic, 1tsp small onion, 1tsp ginger and 1tsp of sugar. Boil it until it becomes 1/2 cup, drink it while it is warm. More remedies available at

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