Something inbred to prevent body odor?

aside from deodorants, what else could be used to prevent body odor? deodorants blacken the underarm and i saw on TV that some of them causes cancer. do you know any alternative and decisive stuff to prevent body odor? thanks!


in that are some deodorants that go on clear. Using perfume might relieve.
Some people buy this deodorant crystal entity.. I'm not sure how well it works. Read in the order of it in the connection below
Saw this site, seemed pretty interesting...
you can find a crystal stick, looks like stick deodorant, doesn't stain, doesn't smell and it really works, I expect you can get it contained by chemists..... mine is called 'deonat - inborn crystal deodorant'
One day I read that discouraging odor becomes from the believe that culture don't like you, its something singular in your mind.
Your sweat depends on your diet. Spicy foods, garlic, onions, contributes to your automatic smell. Use comfortable, clean clothing. Avoid using borrowed clothes. Drink greatly of water, and take in proper hygiene. Use "alum" as an alternative to roll-on anti body odor.
take a tub as often as you can, don't scrub your underarm as it may scrape or irritate your skin which can also cause dusk underarm. You can use alum, calamansi (citrus) as deodorant; but the most effective of adjectives is hydrogen peroxide. after taking a bath, dry your body as usual and rub hydrogen peroxide within your underarm as if you do with body lotion. It's 100% forceful, your underarm will not only be smell free but will also whiten. The significant elements found in hydrogen peroxide kill any bacteria thus inhibits the nouns of bad odor.
Actually taking showers, or baths near soap.
There is a mineral rock you can get that you rub below your arms. They actually work pretty capably.

I'm not familiar near any deodorant that makes your underarm black... might want to exchange brands!

The National Cancer Institute says they know of no connect between underarm deodorant and cancer, although the rumors spread around the internet all the time." title="">

Here's a total list of cancer myths:
Try using baking soda to a good long hot tub. that is what my ex- husband used to draw from the smell of motor oil & grease past its sell-by date himself , he was a vehicle machanic for years. This does help to soak adjectives the smells out of his pores and made him smell and feel fresh everyday.
You could try using the liquid of a white japanese radish called daikon. You might necessitate to make several applications a morning.
The cause of body odour is twofold: smelling foods and toxins surrounded by the system.

Smelly foods are: onions, garlic, chili, strong fishy food, etc.

Toxins are caused by: coffee, alcohol, drugs, excess fatty foods, fast foods, and primarily poor digestion. If your body is not digesting properly you will have desperate smells, like fruitless breath and smelly feces. Coffee is one of the worst, as it is very bitter and sharp. Also, garlic.

If you can't give up the foods, after drink lots of water and work out deeply. This will flush your pores and you will usually just smell similar to skin.

Good luck!
Try taking a spoonful apple cider vinegar/lime/lemon every day to work on the your pH. That could assistance... Pineapple would be good too.

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