Do you come up with there's a difference between the Nicoderm and the Equate brand stop smoking patch?

Tomorrow is me and my husband's set date to stop smoking. I'm going to pick up some stop smoking patches today. Do you chew over there's a difference between the Nicoderm CQ patch and the much cheaper generic Equate brand patch?

No, there isn't. Check the boxes when you obtain there. The ingredients are exactly impossible to tell apart. The Equate box will say "Compare to NicoDerm CQ." They can't say aloud that unless the ingredients are exactly the same.
Most of the time, the company that the store brand is sitting subsequent to is the manufacturer of that product. I be told that by a manager at a Walmart store.
If you want a cheaper and quicker track to stop smoking, get your doctor to hand over you a prescription for Chantix. I know several people who have stopped smoking in one month while taking this.
No newly look on the back and check the helpful ingredients in both.

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