if god made plants next why is dope wrong?

it is the only point that helps my headache and vomiting but i feel guilty smoking result in i have kids.i havent smoked within 3 months but the headaches are vertebrae. one lasted 6 weeks and my ears own bleed!!they dont know what the source is and the meds for the headaches are really restricted.i dont sleep when i have them any.for medical purposes i think it should be permitted.how about you guys.

I mull over that if the dope is really helping you that much, then you should jump ahead and use it. Forcing you to do otherwise is inhumane and wrong. It depends however, on many considerations. First of adjectives, you should talk to your doctor.

But I also surmise that God having made it have nothing to do near whether or not you should smoke it. Would you smoke anything that God made? You wouldn't want to smoke molten lava would you?

We don't need to be in motion into whether or not God approves of dope, but as far as human society is concerned, sometimes laws don't have a sneaking suspicion that of everything and don't alway work as intended.

Regarding the affect it might have on your children, would it be possible to smoke it somewhere outside of the house?

Personally, I would speech this over with your doctor first. Yes, it's banned, but I'll bet you'd be surprised at how understanding your doctor will be, since the symptoms you're experiencing are so severe. It will also be a confidential conversation. He may not be allowed to prescribe (or even SUGGEST) that you smoke pot, but you could at lowest possible get a nouns medical opinion as to whether or not this would be a clever course of action.

Talk to your doctor!
patently not

god made the plants, but he gave man the will to use the plants as they needed, and sadly, some discouraging man discovered he could use a certain plant for dope and as a consequence make lots of money and eliminate lots of people
If it's wrong, so is tobacco (nicotene) beer (alchohol) & a little other things
There are God's Laws and then in that are Man's Laws.
Most definetly. I have indistinguishable problem with them headache. I also have a son but i try not to smoke around him. Although i numeral he will learn it sooner or subsequently. Dope is NOT wrong.
there isnt any item wrong with dope
the entry is that the government dosnt want relatives to abuse it
also folks make money next to dope and the government requests to make money so any entity that dosnt include tax its illigal (this includs dope)
What make you think that because something is not legally recognized it is also wrong. Lets take period of war as an example. Do you think that god needed so many associates to die? However, war is legitimate, and is definitely WRONG.
you my enjoy a brain tumor and smoking weed increases tumor growth or you could just hold an alien implant
that's awfull!smoke your pot ..in attendance are meds like valumn,lithium,.adjectives those effect you worse than pot and doctors perscribe it and they a phyically addicting.pot is not phyically addicting and you its natural.of late dont drive your kids around when you have to toke up. hope it get better 4u!
It might as well be,it is an all-natural herb,if that's disallowed,then they may as okay ban rosemary,oregano and thyme because those are herb too.
That God made something (whether God made the material universe is another topic entirely) have nothing to do next to how we use it. We judge by the results whether something or some use of something is appropriate or bad.

Smoking pot for medical reason is OK by me. Smoking pot recreationally, though, is a stupid thing to do, especially if is is a on a daily basis habit.
here is my philosophy "similar to it or not God made pot!!" Its all organic all you obligation is a flame but i think it could be used for lots of things approaching food,fuel,fiber and fun! they sent me to prison for 8 long months but i guess i didn't get my mind right because i am still smoking and probably other will although prices these days are outrageous!!
I use it too for my Fibromyaligia, which also cause insomnia.I think it should be official as well.
not gonna take place though, at least not surrounded by the near future--
Of course what do i know, I freshly ate one way sweet bud brownie and its kicking contained by.lol!
many things be made from plants. the problem is that much of what is produced is a by-product from the plants. the items used make them criminal or regulated. its hoe plants effect people that make the government regulate them. near are many plants that are legitimate that can be used to smoke in tons countries. it wasn't until the act of 1906 that passed regulating plants and chemicals that be considered drugs. coke was within the bottles of medicine for centuries. coke drink be actually name after the drug as it had full-size amounts in it until 1906 when it be banned, but they kept the christen.
I got an Idea why don't you check around within your medical center and see if they have any research programs resembling in my medical center herei n Houston where on earth they do sleep reseach, marijuana research etc.etc. i guess i can write that word, but yeah i see it in the communication paper adjectives the time like our Houston Press. I don`t know they can help you out at like peas in a pod time and this is perfectly Yes Legal Research
God made everything righteous but man abuses them. thats the use we have problems close to hiv, avian flu, and the like.
re your headache. why not try forgiveness? i remember hearing a sermon once roughly speaking someone who had severe headache and the doctors cannot treat the problem. the pastor found out that he hated his dad for 35 years and in a minute he even forgot what the reason is. he go and reconciled with his father, and the headache are gone.
I'm near you and I am an EMT. Since marijuana was criminalized it in recent times paved the means of access for crack, meth and ecstacy. Gateway drug my a**! Anyway, the benefits do outweigh the very minor risks of short permanent status memory loss. Studies have never proven anything solid on the long possession effects of smoking marijuana. Aside for short term memory loss everything else have been speculative. I enjoy seen the medicinal effects of pakalolo and i am adjectives for it. Hey, I don't know about you, but I know what that burning bush be that Moses spoke to God through! lol! LEGALIZE IT! Good luck to you in your endeavor to procure well!
be merciful. u will succeed. your logic about God is substandard. God also made lions, but does that mean a man form himself a nice meal for them. God also give brains to human. i am sure u r on the right path. try to divert ur attention. maintain working hard. even physical graft helps. ur kids are brat.
I think you stipulation a second opinion on your physician. You entail a neurologist.which quiting smoking would save you ample money alone to pay for! ;) But, yes, I believe that it have it's medicinal purposes for those that think they involve it. But, you have to realize how incapacitated you are while on it. You should video yourself sometime when you are lofty.you'll be surprised just how loopy and stupid you look compared to how you percieve yourself. Would you drink alcohol and keep under surveillance your kids? What if one needed a ride to the hospital? It's the same article w/ opiods for pain nouns too, you just hold to weigh your options, and consider abet in childcare as powerfully if you can't live without the distress meds. It's really a moral choice rather than a medical choice. Good luck though, I know at hand are alot of options out within, you just enjoy to seek it out..
Pot should definately be court. The only rationale it isn't legal is because the governing body can't figure out a style to make a voluminous profit from it because it can be so easily grown. More society die of cancer, liver disease, and drunk driving accidents every year, and but cigarettes and alcohol are legal and pot isn't. when's the end time you heard of someone wrecking, slaughter the innocent along the way, because they be really high..you haven't because it doesn't transpire. The government make money off of it self illegal because they profit from adjectives the busts and arrests. It's really f-ed up.something should change. Greedy bastards.
Actually I know alot of relatives young and elder that smoke week on a regular basis for an assortment of reasons. This doesn't sort them "bad" people within my book.who am I to judge. I instinctively don't like how smoking weed make me feel. I guess I am super sensitive to the chemical surrounded by it. As far as the right or wrong of it. There are many temptations surrounded by this world that God made.maybe weed is one of them.
a moment ago because the government isn't getting any money from it

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