surrounded by degenerative disc what treatments available save for surgery?

I've been diagnoised near degenerative disc with a cyst located on my spine want to know alternatives to surgery and what medication used to control pain can't run Nsaids because of ulcers.

There's a procedure call "Spinal Decompression" that doesn't require surgery. It is part physical psychotherapy, but you are also placed on a table and "stretched" and that relieves the pressure between your discs. Most insurances companies do not pay for the procedure, but it's still worht looking into.
live next to the pain or carry the surgery and have it progress wrong and be in aching anyways.
if you find one let me know they give my sister prednisone and or the pain naproxen, vicodin and other headache meds for muscle relaxants, as well as tylenol 4, and robaxin
ive hear that physical therapy and accupuncture works very well
I have have ulcer problems also. and hold degenerative disc disease and herniated discs. I do not want surgery either. Talk to your doctor in the order of choices of pain guidance. There is too many option out there for you to be living surrounded by pain. It will pilfer you a few times to find a doctor that is prepared to prescribe you anything that is a controlled narcotic, but a worthy doctor does know that patients pain can not be imagined by the doctor, and different patients hold different thresholds to their pain. I hold been taking hydocodone 7.5 mg. twice a afternoon for over two years now. It keep my pain at a minimum, it does not ever run away totally, but keeps me competent to function physically on my job as a nurse on my foot all year long. I have never "needed more" of this medication, and my physician is comfortable near me knowing I do not seek more and more medication next to him.
Good luck.
Take The Following Homeopathic Remedies ARNICA 30C,BRYONIA 30C,RHUS TOX 30C and HYPERICUM 30C together thrice a day and please consent to me know about your conditions and progress after taking them for three days while continuing the use of the medicine. I have used this prescription regularly and with brilliant results and lacking causing any side effects or complications.
Take diligence and God Bless !

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