Coffee enema?

What's the purpose of a coffee enema? Is it healthy?

Answer:    Coffee enema is simply another detox methods or a way to release toxins built up surrounded by the body. It is generally recommended among relatives with or recovering from Cancer.

The coffee enema is specifically for detoxification. It is said to unequivocal the bile duct of the liver so that it quickly sends bits and pieces into the colon for elimination. It rectally promotes liver detoxification by stimulating phase II conjugation, the process by which fat-soluble toxins contained by the liver are converted into water-soluble toxins for easier removal from the body
It is just really melt as any other would be, and that makes it really dance fast.;;;; to be precise one of the oldest old wives tale ever. it was thought to stimulate the system equal way a cup of coffee would simply more so. some docs thought it would make the body execute better. i knew an older doc who used to prescribe this to disabled kids. needless to influence, he was fired and his liscense be revolked.
I don't know if it's healthy. It might nouns gross, but when I'm constipated, I usually have a cup or two of coffee. It does appear to get things moving. Lot of controversy roughly it. I am sending you a couple of sites so you could read the pros and cons. It's like everything else, some nation swear by it, others think it will shoot you. Who knows.

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