Does tylenol and codine put together you audition positive for cocaine?

No from past experience codine breaks down into a by product to trial positive for morphine, Tylenol 3 did for me.
No. I am assuming someone who recently tested possitive for Cocaine told you it did.
Tylenol III (with codeine) is a narcotic. It will build you test positive for narcotics.
No! codeine is a derivative of opium, not cocaine. You will assessment positive for opiates. The bad report is that if you're being tested for a substance treat roughly program, probation, parole, or work, you're in trouble if you don't hold a prescription.
I do not know BUT if you have a prescription for it & can prove it, it doesn't situation!!
cocaine will make you examination positive for cocaine
codeine will show up as codeine
tylenol will show up as tylenol
no tylenol and codeine are usually ingredients in cough prescription and in oral exam they are shown as tylenol and codein

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