Does caffine give support to the adjectives cold?

i have a cold and i be wondering if maybe coffee or a caffine pill might make a contribution my body energy to face-off it? or is it just a impossible idea?

Not a correct idea. Caffeine contained by any form will further dehydrate you, this is the opposite of what you want when you hold a cold. It also does not give you dynamism, it merely speeds up the heart rate. Take care!
Caffiene won't back at all. Chicken soup and lots of fluids along near zince lozenges or spray is you best bet.
no bad view caffeine helps you poop and pee and to be exact it, otherwise, it is in reality a drug that is addictive. no medicinal benefits short consequences
The best way to draw from rid of a cold is something my grandmother and my mother taught me, starve the cold nurture the fever I estimate that was it or the other opening around, bottom line is the more chicken noodle soup you get through the better, every time I have a cold it turns into strep or sore throat and stuff approaching that, not only does the soup oblige me feel better it make my throat stop hurting so I can get some nouns while I eat it, to be exact the best remedy I have found for a sore throat, chicken noodle soup
No, the "energy" you capture is from increased adrenalin, which will weaken the body.

Also, coffee is a diuretic, so you could become dried out.
you mean caffeine? A doomed to failure idea.
ego like to have an idea that it does i like love soda

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