What otc is well brought-up for for vomiting?

For a 10 year old

I would impart crackers and broth and applesause to keep something on their stomach, and you could probably distribute Pepto bismal...... Also have them drink gatoraide.. It have electrolyes in it to keep hold of them from getting dehydrated.....
pedialite , or stir to the drug store and ask the pharmacist...He has to stay hydrated.
I'm not contained by the medical field, but I'm a seasoned mom. It's honest to know what is causing the vomitting, but sometimes there's in recent times no way to know. If it is accompany by a very illustrious fever, or if you see signs of dehydration, want medical assistance right away. Likewise, if you know or suspect food poisoning, be in touch next to your health trouble provider.

Pedialyte was recommended to you and that's a suitable thing to enjoy on hand. There are different flavors. You can also try gingerale, Gatorade, Powerade, popsicles, jello, clear broth, etc. (I instinctively swear by a mix of 2/3 gingerale, 1/3 Pedialyte or Gatorade.) A lot of people will detail you the gingerale has to be flat. I'd stir some of the bubbles out, but don't verbs too much.
What is important is that your child doesn't gulp it down. Frequent, smaller sips are better.

Clear liquid is the best to start with and stick beside until the stomach has quieted. Avoid dairy products--the suitability of our mothers and grandmothers was that milk would silence a stomach, but that's pretty much an old wives' fairy-tale.

As you slowly add solid food, stick to low-fat items. For example, find reduced fat or flab free saltine crackers instead of the regular ones. Fiber is not bad--you could try apple sauce or chopped up apples and bananas (avoid apple juice, however.)
You may hold heard of B.R.A.T. which stands for Bananas, Rice, Apples, and Toast. (Dry toast.) Oatmeal is a virtuous choice for hot cereals. Scrambled eggs is something else you can try, but remember, the momentous thing is, as you are audible range from others: LIQUIDS and pace it slowly. My nonspecific rule of thumb is that if someone thinks they are better (appetite can be a virtuous indicator) and tries some solid food, only to bring sick again, it's back to clear liquid.

If you aren't sure the signs of dehydration, I'd do a Google or Yahoo search for "signs of dehydration." I don't know how accurate these are, but what I look at are the following:
1. Is the tongue dry or pasty looking?
2. Are the maw and skin dry? If feverish or bundled, is your
child sweating? How much? Be concerned if there's a illustrious
fever, lots of blankets, and the skin is dry. In addendum, be
concerned about profuse sweating, as that can dehydrate
someone even faster.

3. If you depress the skin on the spinal column of the hand or hindmost of the forearm for a count of at least 5 second, how quickly does it
spring put money on? If it doesn't spring right back, almost instantly, when you remove your finger, that can be a concern. If it take more than a second, I believe, that could mean some level of dehydration.

When in doubt, at tiniest call your medical provider to attain professional advice. You are not human being a pest or a bother--that's what they are there for, and that's why they receive a good living.
vomiting is the hardest because anything you contribute will come up. I'd try pepto and hope. Then just hang on to them quiet and still until it pass. you eill need to keepa lwell furrowed bucket nearby, cover the bed or couch okay, keep cool compresses on the forehead and tummy and try to go and get gingerale down. ginger is good for the tummy that's why gingerale works very well. Then get pepto within if possible and permit it run it's course. May be the flu and end up near a fever or diarhhea or sore throat so be prepared for that too. Have the sherbert or popsicles all set, jello BRAT diet..banannas, rice , applesauce and toast. No fats. Clear broth, jello, lots of liquid and rest. good luck.
cola syrup. Worked great for my little ones, and for me, too.
Do not present pepto... It contains an asprin that can cause Reyes syndrome contained by younger ppl with a hallucination. Ginger helps upset tummies. No food until vomiting stops and after only sips of clear liquid until the stomach can handle it.
Good luck...

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