Someone Please Help! I call for opinion! Doctor drop by subsequent week!?

Ok, Enough is Enough?
So I have a homeopathic doctor who told me that from my mane follicle test it shows my womanly system is imbalanced. Long story short, I was prescribed Preseodymium Phosphoricum to match me out. I have be taking it but for the last 6 mths my mentrual extent has be late rotten and on by a week, two and once I skipped a month. In the midst of all this, I hold developed this strange habit of getting this jam in my throat that feel like when you want to cry but you hold wager on. If I am on the preseodymium phosphoricum the throat issue is gone,...but where is my spell? I am 45 days waiting still from the the first day of my concluding period. I hold off and on cramps.some intense issues but other than that, no time symptoms. I'm just tired of waiting for my length. Is it possible I am going through pre-menapause? I am not and cannot get pregnant because my boyfriend and I cannot conceive together. Is it the homeopathics? Any HD's out near?

Go see an MD
Yellow pages?
Hmmmmm... most likley, the homeopathic medecine is not the lead to of this. as for your symptoms.DEFFINETLY see your doctor and tell him everything.the 45 sunshine period is not common, but not didnt say your age, but you could economically be going though meanopause...or pre.there is usually 1-2 years back meanopause where your system will be imbalanced and skipped period, missed periods and MANY violent problems will arrise.go see your of luck:)
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If Preseodymium Phosphoricum be taken in homeopathic amounts (i.e. 1 slice per 10 to the 30th dilution in water) after there is no means of access this could be affecting you since all you are drinking is pure marine (at that dilution there is a totally low chance that even a molecule of Preseodymium Phosphoricum is within your preparation).

You should see a real doctor, resembling a gynecologist who can actually oblige you and perform test to determine whether or not you are entering pre-menopause.

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