Spider bite on forehead What do i do?

area around bite is stiff but not red

Go to your local emergency room. Some spider bites are outstandingly toxic.
I was bitten by a spider once. I did not progress see a doctor; I wish I did though. At the time, it did not even cross my mind that it be an insect bite. Needless to say, the nouns that was bitten started swelling up the subsequent 2 days. My body started fighting the virus and I have a feverish recoil. I thought I was coming down next to a cold. Anyway, to make a long story short, I am lucky to be alive! I did not move about see a doctor because I was jobless at the time and did not own health insurance. Looking spinal column, it would have be worth the $$$. So please, go see a doctor because you never know what sort of poison that little bastard moved out behind. Hope that help
Go to the doctor tell them you be bite my an unidentified spider. They'll put you on a full spectrum of antibiotics. You'll be fun, but trademark sure to go to find the swelling down.
Umm yeah well first stale you cna figure out if ther are even any insecure spiders in your nouns. If you live in an nouns with black widows or brown recluse, like North Carolina, than you might want to look up information on what the bites look approaching immediatel after being bitten. If you live within an area devoid of those animals, or other terminal spiders, don't even worry in the order of it, most spider bites do little harm at adjectives, occassionally you're get one that'll hurt for a few days, or will net your limb walk a bit numb or weak for a moment or two while, but they're usually totally harmless. Spiders prey upon animals so much smaller than you that most own venom that only just even effects people.

If you do live within an area next to the Brown reclus or Black widow, check it in a few hours, both enjoy very distict charactereistics, which can be found within detail online or in a pen guide to wilderness or spiders.
are you sure it be a spider? The emergency room docs will want the spider or a description.

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