Has anyone get given growth hormones for loftiness?Did they work?

My doctor is going might give me growth hormones and im wondering if they will lend a hand my height...
im 5ft towering
16 yrs old

Growth hormones specific for height gain do not exist at this time. I'm not even sure if there's research for this.
For what it's worth, adjectives the people I know who are 'short' by today's standards, are the ancestors that have the biggest heart and most respectable stature.
My son is 5'5" and is the most responsible, clad young man I hold ever met in my natural life. I grew up as one of the 2 shortest people contained by my class...always!
And not to brag, but I hold bigger nutz than a horny rhino. In fact, at 5'6", I own always be known as the "toughest s.o.b. this side of Toronto." LOL
Not that I needed the label, but man as short as I was, it come in handy several times.
So be happy near who you are, carry your cranium up high, and treat others as you would enjoy them treat you and you'll do fine in energy.

God Bless and thanks for reading.
Yes i hold and they have worked amazingly. I enjoy grown 3 inches in 13 months. Side affects are slight. I havent have any problems. I love it. I would definately recommend them
my older sister , and neightbor took growth hormones for a couple of years, and they didnt work plenty for anybody to notice. i surmise they grew a couple of cm ....over 2 yrs.... not very much
Your doctor must own measured your levels of GH and determined that your are not good enough. You are going to get the material stuff, the GH that is injected, and this will raison d`¨ētre all tissues to grow that hold the potential of growth. this is what GH does, and since you are 16 your growth plates are still open and yes it will hold the effect of the elongating of your bones and a rank increase.

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