Any crude cures for cold sores?

Yes take Lysine, it is a raw anti herpe medicine that works great within prevention and curing it when you get a breakout. No strange chemicals in it or side effects. Just a unprocessed product found at any supplement store.
rub ICE on it for 5 minutes. The cold will inactivate the herpes virus. Then dab beside alchohol.
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I heard cold sores develop from absence of vitamin c. So you could try adding more of it to your diet. A perfect source is orange liquid. Hope it helps. It help my best friend. Good Luck.
Yes! Any essential oil will do. Oils are anti-bacterial and anti-viral and when applied several times (whenevr you focus about it) will dissipate and seize rid of that sore. Promise.
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P.S. Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca) is specifically for skin eruptions, burns, etc...will even works surrounded by dogs ears for ticks and mites.
Lysine will increase the healing time of the cold sore and is also moral to use as a prevention. You can also use garlic oil which is antimicrobial and antibacterial. For a cheap great cure try peroxide. I tried this and it really works. It is also great for pimples, too.
My cousin take lysine at the first sign of a cold sore and usually it wont even develop into a cold sore.

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