Has anyone tried biofeedback?

What things is it good for and does it work? Would it give support to someone with ADD?

I hold tried biofeedback and actually hold a friend who is a practitioner. It is excellent for ADD. You can find a person to relieve you by going here: http://www.theqxci.com/practitioners.php
I haven't tried it but I have read a book give or take a few it. In the book it talked almost a couple businesses that did biofeedback. Apparently from what I hear it is designed for someone with ADD or ADHD as it is very soon defined.
After hearing the story of a psychotherapist friend who have had a heart-attack and his nouns story in recovering it, I fixed to buy this bio-feedback type device.

It's called "the Heartmath Freeze-Framer" system. It's going on for $300 and hooks up to your computer. I've been competent to learn how to control my mood, my heart rate and the computer shows me the results. It's not as unforced as I thought, but it's fun! They also have a hot product called "em-wave" that I don't own and it's basically the freeze-framer program contained by a handheld device, no computer required.longtime users of freezeframer are raving about this unknown device.

I don't know enough give or take a few ADD to say if biofeedback would be adjectives. I would say it depends on the party.is this for a young child? ADD or not I would bet most children wouldn't want to sit still for this. The Freeze Framer program does hold some fun games involved that requires you to get contained by the "right frame of mind" (ie, relax your heart and mind) in instruct to progress.

Email me and I'd be happy to share more roughly it.

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