If "enjoyment is the best medicine", how would they cure an overdose?

a definite cure for an overdose of enjoyment would be crying. which would technically comes about anyway post profused and hysterical enjoyment. Tears of joy.
I guess they would only join you within having the later laugh.
kill your puppy
Beat the sh!t out of them.
A heroic of Wil Farrell movies.
an overdose of laughter?.or drugs? If it's the former, than tears, if it's the stepladder, than you need to dance to the hostpital, laughing won't cure that, my dear!
Prescriptions have a dosage that comes near it. This one does not have it.
One possible sense could be that you can never have satisfactory of this good stuff.
din some onions
Since the universe doesn't experience and has no comprehension of the permanent status "lack", the converse is also true. Hence, there is no cure. Sorry, you'll lately have to be healthy.
watch eastenders that's plenty to make you suicidal

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