What caring of Dehydration is this?? I drink lots of sea?

I've had it for most of my time. I'm 24yr old manly and my symptoms include: dry eyes, hair, cold hand, fatigue, I don't sweat easy. I currently guzzle really healthy, clutch vitamins, exercise, drink only river (usually 75 ounces a day)...

So is there something going on next to the cells surrounded by my body not absorbing water? I'm not sure what else to do.

You may hold a "vata imbalance " within Ayurvedic Medicine. Vata means that you hold tendencies to cold and dryness and that you involve to avoid food and drink that will exacerbate it. If your vata dosha is unbalanced, you will discern the cold excessiely and also feel thirsting and have symptoms of dehydration. It isn't only just a matter of drinking more dampen.

Here is a web site that shows how to harmonize vata by watching what you eat and drink. I hold a vata metabolism and I use emu oil on my skin every hours of daylight to stop it from really drying out. Emu oil penetrates the skin and plumps out the corpulent layers which are effect by cold and dryness. Stress is a killer for vata too. My frightened system is very adjectives to anxiety so I have to preserve to my food plan otherwise my symptoms lead me to agitation.

If you drink a lot of lightly cooked food, that will worsen vata, the wrong type of exercise also affects it. Cold water surrounded by a cold body won't take up the fluid contained by your cells amply.

Ayurveda is a medical system and your symptoms show health responses to inequality. Thyere is a lo of information on the net on vata, Ayurveda and what will stability the doshas. Visiting an Ayurvedic practitioner would also be a good model.
Go to the Dr and get some blood test.
You say you are taking vitamins but your diet may be underprovided minerals.
Go to a good doc that specializes surrounded by immune disorders. I am not sure I can spell immunologist?? You have some sort of strange syndrome that should hold a fix out there some place.
You may enjoy diabetes
Go to the doctor, you may have diabetes, a blood try-out can check your glucose level, depending upon the results your doctor may want to run other test.

It could be other things as well but is best to lately get checked out
seize checked for hypothyroidism...
When you drink water, produce sure you do not sip it slowly. You need to drink a cup of water every hour and drink it within less than 45 second. This will really hydrate your cells. Avoid salted foods as much as you can.
Get a blood test for thyroid.
Its time 4 u to introduce Meditation contained by life.
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