What are some herbal products to develop brain function and memory?

Rhodiola 110
Siberian Ginseng with Ginkgo Biloba
i believe some otc product is call "gincovalo"
there's supposed to be a really good one but every time I move about to get it, I forget what it's call!
(no, I am not kidding, I really inevitability to write it down) the guy on the commercial says he take it every day and couldn't work a time without it........ possibly you know the name of it
ok I of late remembered, its called Focus Factor.
I know that regular moderate drinking of walnuts help. Also regular exercise especially Taiji, YOga, meditation (especially one-point meditation where on earth you focus for a prolonged period of time on one entry helps a lot), the best opening is training your brain by working it,memorizing poetry, memorizing phone numbers etc is by far the best way to increase. Cheers
Red Wine, ginkgo tea, and peppermint.
The first two are good for increasing circulation to the brain increasing memory and the peppermint is worthy for concentration.
In India they say okrah and colacasia advance brain.
Ganesan k
I have found great results beside Himilayan Goji Juice. It's has medical validation as all right.
Memo Plus Gold containing Bacopa Monniera. Check out www.sindor.com
Brain food = Fish oil, or drinking fish at least 2/week.
The deeply best for brain function is Organic Lithium Orotate. It is a good alternative treatment even for Alzheimer's. Take 45mg day after day. This can be found at any good vigour food store.

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