Take 5-HTP? Your experience w/ it? Does it work? Would you compare it as well-mannered as other anti-depressents?

I take Zoloft, I be wondering about this 5-HTP as a replacement for it, I know I have need of to talk to the dr. but I be just wanting some opinion first.... just a short time about your experiences w/ it or someone you know....

I own had great results near 5 HTP. I use to take Zoloft as all right, for years, eventually I just couldn't tolerate the side effects anymore and it a moment ago was not doing what it be suppose to be doing. I learned roughly 5 HTP a few years ago and started taking it. It's great. NO side effects with it and I found it to work moderately well. Although, I would recommend taking an Omega 3 Supplement beside it as well.
It have helped me sleep better, and I own not been depressed contained by years. The only entry is it seems to enjoy no effect on my PMS. But, I can live with mortal crazy for a week...lol.
A good diet beside no processed foods at all will pinch the place of anti-depressants and pills.

Add walking outdoors and drink lots of water and you will be fit and natural.

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