How long does it appropriate the prescription medication lortab to exit the body?

Just wondering when it would be safe to surpass a regular drug screen lacking being positive for this. Was given to me after some dental work done but own recently taken (within the closing week) and the prescription is over 4 months old.

I'd say-so 2 days the most. Just take the bottle next to you. Its still your prescription regardless if it is 4 months old.
48 hours should be obedient.
2 - 3 days the max
The half-life of Lortab is 3.8 hours. It should be out of your system within 24 hours. However, transport the prescription bottle with you when you stir for the screening. It shouldn't matter that the prescription is 4 months feeble. It was still prescribed for you.
It take 3.8 hours ( ± 0.3 hour) for Lortab to exit your body.

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