I want to quit smoking.?

I would like to try the brand new Laser Therapy. I live in the Florida Keys. I can't find any info. I know within is a clinic here but I cant find it in the phone book. Where would I originate to look? Any help would be appreciated. I tried to quit formerly but I was so miserable.

I know it sounds close to a complete ironic cliche, but you should try Philip Morris USA website for great info on quitting smoking. You can request free information that they'll mail to you. I also found that unshakable vitamins will help beside the anxiety such as vitamin B complex and vitamin C. Baking Soda may help condense the cravings too. I smoked for 5 years/1 pack a day and quit "cold turkey" by researching crude ways to help me. You should also hold the full support of your family and friends! There will other be those times when you feel close to just an extra drag will get you thru anything your having trouble next to and that's when a good genuineness check from a friend will come in handy! Don't consistency bad roughly speaking asking your friends to limit their smoking around you any! They'll praise you for your courage if you make it clear how serious you are around quitting. Good Luck! Cheers to new vigorous lifestyles!
good for you! idk where on earth you can find info on that. just try the patch or the gum... and don't a moment ago quit smoking all at once. every hours of daylight have one smaller amount cigarett. until they are gone.
you can dial 411.
i dont know if it works but you can try it.
once you started smoking i think its preety intricate to quit .just don't smoke and next see what happens.its really fruitless for your lungs.try to ignore it from immediately.thats all i can enunciate to you.good luck
Sorry to utter, I have never hear of laser therapy to stop smoking. However, freeform amino acids can serve someone who wants to quit. Buy and read the book, The Amino Revolution by Robert Eerdmann, PH.D. Chapter 24 is on how to quit smoking, and the author explains really powerfully the problems that you will run into while trying to quit, and how the amino acids will help.
Good luck!
I don't guess 'technological solutions' work. here is what I do if I want to avoid or stop a unpromising habit or verbs a good one resembling working out. I visualize what will be the effect of my bad way, like ingestion fatty foods. I picture myself as a fat slob near a big belly and think of adjectives that flab flopping around and how awful I'd look. I focus on the image for going on for 20 minutes, and it cures me of any bad infatuation or an inkling to start one (I'm 6'2 and weigh 170) so I guess it works. The same thing for smoking. I picture myself getting lung cancer and dying a horrible destruction until I can actually have a feeling the pain. That conditions me against taking up such fruitless habits. I enjoy a good abiilty to cause my fantasies seem indisputable. I don't know if it would work for everyone
Now quite sure how lasers are going to comfort you. Have you tried something simple like replacing cigarettes next to a less hurtful habit? My grandmother smoked since she be 18 and quit when she was 60 something by replacing cigarettes near regular peppermints. I guarantee that cost her far less than your laser psychoanalysis will even with inflation.

I quit this time closing year having have a 30 a day obsession. I'd tried and failed near allsorts until I a friend recommended this program - see below.

It also came near a 100% money back guarantee and have a 90% success rate - can't enunciate fairer than that!

All the best.

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