What blend of essential oil stimulate blood circulation?

I do not know of any oil,but since I enjoy venous insufficiency,I
know that nutrition is the most importantI also wear special support hosiery.Talk to your docter.
mint or anything from the mint family
Aloe vera grease ,of course.
Try Udo's 3-6-9. Good for a LOT of things including circulation. Also consider pure squalene (deep shark liver oil).
Rosemary, geranium, basil, ginger, thyme and cinnamon. These would own to be diluted.
Is this to reduce edema? Or increase blood flow to a spot on area?
Black Pepper is used topically to increase circulation, for muscular ache and pains. Coriander is used topically to increase circulation to rid an accumulation of toxins or fluid. Cumin increases thyroid function, can backing reduce lymphatic congestion, lighten edema and poor circulation. Ginger increases circulation and raises body heat. Lovage increases circulation, encourages drainage of the lymphatic system and reduce edema. Rosemary cineole is used in stroke it is a tonic for the heart because it brings low blood pressure to normal level, increases cerebral circulation and reduce palpitations. It increases the elimination of toxins. This Rosemary have numerous applications for skin care. It reduce water retention, increases circulation within the dermal layers, is a stimulant and increases medicinal to cuts and abrasions and dermatitis. Tangerine used within a massage blend increases lymphatic drainage and stimulates circulation.
Please be aware of the hazard and contraindications of each essential grease before use.

There are masses more essential oils that are used for 'circulation', this information be taken from my website. If you are interested in something more specific, you can certaintly ask.
pure distilled fish grease.
I like to use mint.
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