Why dont we distribute every nature of organism on the planet HIV and study the ones that fought stale the virus?

Only humans get the HIV that infects humans. There are no other animal or other organism that the virus can live and replicate contained by. The monkey version of HIV is different than the human virus.
who's gonna study them if they adjectives dead? are u including humans within that "Livin organism" category.then every time u eliminate an ant or roach or whatever the risk of s/1 gettin hiv is HIGHER!
Because it's unprincipled.
Oooh, PETA's gonna get wacky at you.
Because it's so unethical! There are law for who decides what's ethical!
For a few of those law, i) no parent would consent to someone infecting their child with HIV! ii) One ethical is guideline is that it must incentive the 'patient' no physical or emotional pull!
Check http://www.apa.org/ethics/code2002.html for the whole traffic.

There are plenty of ways of getting around the development and cure of this virus minus sacrificing lives. And specifically what is more important.

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