Zoloft users...?

How does it make you get the impression? I know it makes you more relaxed... but do you obtain that "duh, I'm high feeling"?? How copious mgs a day do you bear? Thanks!

It makes you ordinary and not depressed. I have used it for 2 years surrounded by the past due to bulemia and afterwards I stopped because I was sensation so good that I didn't discern I needed it anymore. I was on 100mg consequently. Now...6 years later...I found myself depressed again, singular a difference this time, I was have anxiety and panic as economically. So I started Zoloft again at 50 mg per day and I am wager on to myself again! It does not make you get the impression high, merely makes you appreciate enthusiasm more. Xanax helps me near the panic attacks and I just take those when I inevitability them.
It makes you consistency normal again. That's the best instrument I can describe it. I took 50 mg. and then go up to 75 mg. It doesn't make you be aware of spaced out or anything like that. It simply makes you quality normal.
hi sorry to but within, but is'nt zoloft a prescription ony medicine? your doctor should know how to tell you (or prescribe) you how much to rob.

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