Crystal Meth and 5/500 Vicodin?

What are the side effects if you snort crystal meth and take one 5/500 vicodin pill together?

Whoa!.. I come looking for holistic approach to alternative medicine. You are on the wrong page. You might win better feedback in Diseases and Conditions or be in motion to a different site ( you should find what you are looking in in attendance.
Some people do this because they feel taking uppers and downers will give them the "authoritative high", however it can just formulate the user sick.
Depends on the quality of the meth. Is it pay for of the car trash, or surrounded by the garage type. What type of acid did they use to rinse out it with, how big of a snort is one taken? Meth is a mood destroyer. It accelerates adjectives of the neurons in your brain causeing them to over fry and burn out. Vicodin is a depressent, it will cause brass neck ending to become "relaxed" you are putting two directions contained by your body at once. Up, and down. It stress's out the emotional body, it stress's out the brain synaps even more, your body will be conflict itself basically. Last but not smallest, your soul will get as far from your body as possible and still allow adequate life force to come into you to hold on to you alive. Basically, you turn into a zombie with absolutly no from the heart control.
Death perhaps... this may be the wrong category to ask this question if people don't want to cart a Tylenol they sure are not into Meth and Vicodin.

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