I want some home remedies?

I am into home remedies and was wanting to know your home remedies for anything from make-up to household....etc

Neem oil cures practically any skin ailment to be exact deemed "incurable" by modern pills.

Papaya contains digestive enzymes that aid in digesting food.

Echinacea boosts immune system.

There are plentiful herbal remedies that work great. I like them because they are more organic than pharmaceutical products.
For hair, use beer to shampoo your fuzz with. For vigour, chicken soup. For household chores, use a base of vinegar for cleaning.
what exactly you want. For comeliness of face you can use turmeric powder join, or milk cream, or orange fruit outer skin eyc
Bee pollen for allergies.It builds up imperviousness to allergens. It takes a while to work roughly speaking a month to start seeing a difference and a year before allergy free. It take commitment to work just resembling any natural cure.
Lemons work in good health for sinus problems and colds / vinegar works well for sharp reflux, daily cleaning, / red onions work very well for chest congestion.
Get a copy of "The Herbalist" by meyer books.

It has information more or less a lot of herb, and instructions for making salves, tinctures, and LOTS more.

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