Case studies for mould?

I had an 80-year antediluvian client who was troubled by her decreasing mobility. About a month into seeing me on a weekly principle, she was competent to walk to her mailbox again...which be a major hope.

But the big event came one afternoon shortly after have a session with me. She be driving and her breaks gave out on a hillock. She was competent to navigate the moving vehicle through a number of obstacle and cars to bring it safely to a stop on a rise. Both she and her niece, who be riding with her, be amazed at her reaction time. The lone thing they could attribute it to be how relaxed and pain-free she was from seeing me that sunshine.

Another client was give or take a few an 85 year old masculine. His daughter asked me to work with him. On the first session, it took her and me and a backpacker to get him onto the table. After the session, he almost jump off the table and walk into the adjoining room near only the backing of his walker.
If you are asking for volunteers, I am sure in that will be many.
Not sure what your ask is, but massage is vastly beneficial. I speak from personal experience.

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