Is flower psychiatric therapy correct for children near autism?

My child is 6 yrs olda nd has 'autism'. He get very aggressive at times and take a long time to calm down. Does this flower essence psychiatric therapy help children next to autism especially who have behavioural problems similar to anger and impulse? Please facilitate as i don't want to go for 'Ritalin'.

I'm not sure of the worth of flower therapy for children near autism. If it is not harmful for the child, I suppose it is worth a shot. However, I recommend behavior psychiatric therapy (specifically Applied Behavior Analysis). It is specifically designed to address behavior issues. What happens is a behavior analyst will watch your child, interview you, and work directly with your family unit to design a behavior plan specifically for you son and his behaviors. ABA uses positive reinforcement to increase desired/appropriate behavior. ABA is quite significant for most children, and without the medication interventions.

Here are some resources for ABA. If you own any other questions, have a feeling free to contact me.
Bach flower remedies are safe, so you may as economically try. Homeopathy is also safe, and a great treatment for children.

I own read that homeopathics have a great effect on autism, but you hold to go to a Naturopath or Homeopath to draw from properly prescribed, as different remedies are used depending on the case specifics.
This is great information:
Aromatherapy and Autism.
Many blessings.

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