Nyquil made my cold worse?

I took nyquil and when i woke it my cold was resembling 10x worse. I wondering if i should take it tonight again.

Answer:    That's because it destroys the hose soluble vitamins in the B complex and vitamin C which are both essential for a clean immune system (B is also needed for healthy neural and digestive functioning).

You have need of to bolster your immune system sweetie.

Go get some eucalyptus grease from the chemist and put a few drops of it into a warm tub at nighttime before going to bed and soak luxuriously for 15 - 20 minutes . this will do a great duty of loosening congestion in the chest and releasing mucuous build up. A eucalyptus grease bath will also reduce the pains of sore and achy muscles.

Here's just a few perfect old fashioned adjectives sense things that you can do to build up your immunity. Go return with a powdered form of ascorbid acid (vitamin C) next to bioflavonoids from either the form food store or chemist. The bioflavonoids will increase the effectiveness of vitamin C 10 fold. Have 3,000 - 4,000mg (3 - 4 teaspoons) each day mixed with dampen until the cold subsides then assert your immunity next to 1 teaspoon daily.

Most strength food stores also sell a product call Zinc Fix which combines the power of vitamin C with Zinc surrounded by a powdered form. The Zinc bolsters the effects of vitamin C and this is my powder of choice for a cold or sore throat.

Drink vitamin C rich rosehips tea as this is the richest known source of vitamin C. (the life loose leaf mixture - it may be a bit more expensive but as it is organic you can mostly reuse the spent leaves a couple of times as the essential oils are so potent).

Increase your intake of vitamin C rich foods on a dialy reason to prevent any further infection and to reduce the amount of time you are sick... ie: citrus fruits, berries, leafy and green vegies, tomatoes and red and green pepper.

Loads of freshly squeezed juices are suitable too.

Ensure you are drinking plenty of pure filtered hose down to flush the germies out of your body . and keep you very well hydrated . avoid sugar as it will create a feeding ground for germs ~ virus, and also avoid caffeine containing beverages such as coffee, tea, soda and soft drinks, as these will only serve to dehydrate you and rob your body of essential B & C vitamins.

Ensure you are drinking or ingestion something with Beta - carotene within it daily to alleviate quicker and in adjectives to prevent further colds, as Vitamin A will aid in the proper function of the immune system, shorten the duration of illnesses and roughly bolster the health of the mucosal bin liner of your ear nose and throat ie: carrott liquid, pumpkin soups, eggs.

Take a good trait multi B complex supplement on a daily font both now while you are sick and for adjectives prevention methods. The B complex of vitamins is essential for healthy immune, digestive and neural functioning and will comfort your body deal beside the extra stress of being unwell.

Things such as caffeine, sodas and soft drinks, antidepressants, antibiotics, diuretics, laxatives and aspirin and otc cold medicines and alcohol will also do a great errand of robbing you of your precious B vitamins.

Nettle tea bought in the loose life form from the health food store and brewed for 20 minutes, will comfort to heal and soothe a sore throat .. the drink of nettle tea is quite bland and humdrum so perhaps spice it up beside some honey or lemon juice.

Also, a pious vapour inhalant when you own a cold is to put a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil into a salad bowl of hot river and . being carefull not to win so close as to burn your face ... place a towel over your cranium and inhale the vapours. This will do a great chore of clearing your sinuses, help contained by reducing any temperature you may hold and to loosen and remove mucous.

Caution: Avoid using eucalyptus oil if you enjoy high blood pressure or suffer from epilepsy ~ if any is the case simpy substitue for Tea Tree grease ~ both of which are very powerfull antiseptic and antibacterial oil

Get some fresh air into the house during the afternoon for a couple of hours .. open your bedroom windowpane and say the lounge room windowpane to ventilate and freshen the upper air.

Put a capfull of eucalyptus oil into a spray bottle of heat up water, shake vigourously past using and spray door knobs and kitchen, bathroom, bedroom surfaces within an attempt to torch those nasty cold and flu germs ... smoothly, if you are going to do this with the toilet (including doors and handles) i suggest you use a different sponge

Good luck & form & vitality to you & yours


You could be allergic to it. I am. I tried nyquil years ago & get deathly sick from it. Over the counter cough syrups are detrimental to your health. They are made up of chemicals. The Tylenol or similar equivalent ingredient destroys your natural intestinal flora which is 70% of immunity. Go to your local herb store and achieve an a ntural and much more and effective herbal cough syrup, tea, or tincture! You will be so glad you did. Not with the sole purpose do herbal medicines treat symptoms effectively, but you can seize rid off the infection. In my evaluation, Nyquil will not kill anything but your body. And i hold known of relations to have unpromising and wierd reactions to this stuff, approaching nightmares.
this is why i hate the drug companies they adjectives dont work i know i've tried use herbs

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