Essential oil: How much can you append to a hip bath?

Particularly Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils. I tag on drops to the bath dampen, but I'm not sure how much would be too much.

you can add give or take a few 5 drops each. Add at the bring to a close of running the water. See how it smells. You don't want to overpower yourself!!
those types of baths are needed surrounded by order to hold on to sainty :) i wouldent add but for a time more than what the bottle said to much oil may clogg your pores surrounded by your skin and cause a impulse i would take these baths surrounded by moderation not everday thing as expected , woman typicayl need not steal a bath much we maintain more bacteria that channel.
I usually add simply a few drops, just ample to release the scent. I found out accidentally that straight eucalyptus oil is raucous on the skin.
The best oils to use are lavender and rosemary as they are smaller number likely to irritate you if you own sensitive skins. Add 3-6 drops after you have finished running the tub as the hot gushing water make it lose its powerful/healing fragrance. Let it mix with the sea for a few minutes and let the wonderful power of aromatherapy cool, calm and collected you!!!!! :P

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