Caffeine is a drug.
Alcohol is a drug [obviously].

All of these things effect humans negatively, of course anything surrounded by excess can effect you negatively,

so WHY is Marijuana illegal.

Is it because it's considered a gateway drug, or in recent times because the government can't sort money off of it?

Answer:    the gateway supposition was tossed out within the late 80s..because it simply isnt true. If weed made the poster above jump on to other drugs..then its simpley because she be prone to be self abusive and risk taking. Weed never made me or anyone I know try other drugs . In reality other drugs always head you back to weed..if you live. The organization makes more money building prisons and past its sell-by date our judicial system by busting potheads, than it would make taxing a product everyone can grow themselves.
because it is a substance that alters your mental state no thing how small or anything. that is what it does. Natural or synthetic drugs are controlled by the management. If you watch some ripened Sherlock Holmes movies you will note that he be a cocaine and opium addict, and I believe that at the time it be legal. Also, up to that time the 1930s, cocaine was used as the lofty in Coca-Cola until it be outlawed. You can research these in hint books on the Internet. go through your local public library and look beneath research databases.
if it was lawful, trust me, they'd make loads of money bad of it. those who smoke loads of weed, are generally not intensely productive. and so i'd guess you'd say, not everyone smokes loads. but through my experience, ancestors smoke a little and next more and more and more. i don't know anyone who's tried weed who hasn't gone on to harder drugs, myself included. find some alternatives to drugs on erowid.com [this is not spam] there's good information on adjectives kinds of drugs at hand
well...weed effects folks negatively too...
there's only one apposite thing give or take a few weed and that's the high hunch. versus the list of things that are scientifically proven that weed cause more harm than obedient...such as the whole 1 blunt=5 cigarettes.chemical inconsistency which causes depression and adjectives that other stuff .causes more wound to mens package ...lung issues.do i obligation to go on more? and yeah, it;s the gateway drug. the affairs of state can make money past its sell-by date of it (sadly)...that's why there is "medical" weed...they want money from it...definitely.
but i'm glad it's illegal. i've see to many society change into fruitless people. possibly that's why it's also illegal, the self changes to the hardcore users.

weed basically messes more with the neurological areas (but approaching i said, still has effects on lungs, and other organs) vs. cigarettes and it really merely being a physical addictive drug.

that anyone said...mental addictions overcome psychical addiction.another possibility of that's the reason why it's undemocratic.

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