Whats the best treatment for piles, or hemorroids?

Whats the best medicine to treat piles?

Anusol or Preparation H work okay but the key is to go and get fibre surrounded by your diet to stop the constipation that aggrevates the haemorrhoids.
Suppositories - Germoloids or Preparation H from the pharmacy xxx
Preparation H.
Dont wipe pat gently next to TP
Pat with a Tucks medicated wipe
Apply a hemorroid creme
preperation h
Anusol cream
First of all turn and see the doctor and get the to check it is piles. I have an Anal Fissure but was underneath the impression it be piles - only the doctor could convey me what it actually be.

Anusol is a good treatment for the symptoms.
Long reheat baths really help.

However you might want to find out if your condition is mortal made worse by something you are eating or drinking. When I cut down on coffee my problem better quite seriously.

Hope this helps....
Anusol, don't strain during bowel functions, put away 3 - 4 serves of stonefruit daily and a high-ranking fibre diet, tissues impregnate with aloe vera & use an inflatable ring (from pharmacies[drugstores]). See a doctor, only in armour it's something else! SOON!!!
For many inhabitants, hemorrhoids are mild and temporary conditions that make well spontaneously or by the same measures recommended for prevention. There is no drug that will cure hemorrhoids, but local treatments such as warm sitz baths, using a bidet, extendable showerhead, cold compress, or topical analgesic (such as Nupercainal), can provide impermanent relief. Consistent use of medicated creams (such as Anusol and Preparation H) during the precipitate stages of a hemorrhoid flare-up will also provide relief and may stave bad further development and irritation. Keep the nouns clean and dry, beside some lubrication provided by hemorrhoidal creams. Suppositories can also relieve the symptoms.

Natural treatments
Some people successfully apply colloquial procedures for treatment or reversal of chronic conditions. These procedures largely echo the prevention measures. They include:

Reducing regional pressure within such ways as improving posture and muscle tone
Taking herb and dietary supplements that strengthen vein walls, such as butcher's broom, horse chestnut, bromelain, and Japanese pagoda tree extracts. Drinking 99% pure aloe liquid can also relieve itching and swelling.
Topical application of natural astringents and soothing agents, such as Witch hazel (astringent), cranesbill and aloe vera
Eating fiber-rich bulking agents such as plantain and Psyllium pip husks to help create soft stool to be precise easy to go past to lessen the irritation of existing hemorrhoids.
Using the squatting position for bowel movements.[4]
Oral dietary supplementation can help to treat and prevent copious complications of hemorrhoids, and natural botanicals such as Butchers Broom, Horse Chestnut, and bioflavonoids can be an potent addition to hemorrhoid treatment.[5]

Butcher's Broom: Butcher’s broom extract, or Ruscus aculeatus, contains ruscogenins that enjoy anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor effects. Supplementation with Butcher’s Broom help tighten and strengthen veins. Butcher’s broom have traditionally been used to treat venous problems including hemorrhoids and varicose vein.[6][7][8]

Horse Chestnut: Horse chestnut extract, or Aesculus hippocastanum, contains a saponin known as aescin, that have anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, and venotonic actions. Aescin improve tone in capillary walls, thereby strengthening the support structure of the vein. Double blind studies hold shown that supplementation with horse chestnut help relieve the pain and swelling associated near chronic venous insufficiency.[9][10]

Bilberry Bioflavonoid: Bilberry extract, or Vaccinium myrtillus, is an anthocyanoside bioflavonoid. Supplementation with this potent flavonoid protects and maintain venous strength and function.[6][11]

As reported in Doctor Yourself, by Andrew Saul, PhD (Basic Health/publisher), treatment near topical Vitamin E (twice daily, widen up Vitamin E capsule and squeeze Vitamin E out and apply to the site) have also been successful for some individuals.

External / topical application for external hemorrhoids of St. John's Wort Oil can commonly completely disappear hemorrhoids. This treatment can be found in abundant herbal books, by many authors, including David Hoffman, and it's mentioned on the University of Maryland Medical Center's website, and masses others. For external use only.

Medical treatments
Some population require the following medical treatments for chronic or severe hemorrhoids:

Rubber band ligation: springy bands are applied onto an internal hemorrhoid to cut bad its blood supply. Within several days, the withered hemorrhoid is sloughed off during commonplace bowel movement.
Hemorrhoidolysis/Galvanic Electrotherapy: desiccation of the hemorrhoid by electrical current.
Sclerotherapy (injection therapy): sclerosant or hardening agent is injected into hemorrhoids. This cause the vein walls to collapse and the hemorrhoids to shrivel up.
Cryosurgery: a frozen tip of a cryoprobe is used to verbs hemorrhoidal tissues. Rarely used anymore because of side effects
Laser, infrared or BICAP coagulation: laser, infrared beam, or electricity is used to cauterize the artificial tissues. Lasers are now much smaller quantity popular.
Hemorrhoidectomy: a true surgical procedure to excise and remove hemorrhoids.
Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy: Also called the procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids, it is designed to resect soft tissue proximal to the dentate file, which disrupts the blood flow to the hemorrhoids. It is generally smaller number painful than complete removal of hemorrhoids and also allows for faster seizure times. It's meant for hemorrhoids that fall down out or bleed and is not helpful for aching outside conditions.
Enema: This Practice is only used to verbs the rectum in some cases and should with the sole purpose be done by a doctor. Water is injected into the rectum and then flushed out cleaning the nouns.
Doppler Guided Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation : The only evidence base surgery for all grades of hemorrhoids. It does not involve adjectives tissues or even a stay at the hospital; patients are usually back to work on alike day. Best treatment for bleeding piles, as the bleeding stops in half a shake.[12]
A good diet beside lots of fiber keeps the colon cleaner which help to relieve pressure from excess buildup. Plenty of fluids, too, for it takes fluids to move refuse through the colon. Apple juice have a natural ingredient which softens leftovers; moves it along without abundantly of laxatives, etc. Hemorrhoids are a weak nouns in the blood vessel wall [similar to a in poor health area contained by an innertube]. When blood pools in insipid area it'll bulge - approaching air bubble bulges out contained by a weak spot of an innertube. Heavy lifting can push internal hemorrhoids through the anal sphincter - creating what some nickname piles. Once through the sphincter [when it tries to close back up] those can't seize back inside [less hurting inside]. Blood still reaches them and they engorge, more bumpy as they fill near more blood. [Anal sphincter acts similar to a rubber band on extra tight.]

Some meds slow peristalsis [a wave-like digestion process] and opioids [mega strain meds] are noted for it. If on heavy headache meds a stool softener may be needed to keep idle away moving. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if meds you're on may slow digestion.

Prep. H. contains Shark Liver Oil for its healing effects. A brand is smaller number important than how/if it works. Shark Liver Oil help, in my view. Piles are external hemorrhoids and old fashioned witch hazel can set aside more relief than brand-name products. Use a few squares of toilet tissue - pour a small amt. of witch hazel to apply directly to swollen nouns - flush the tissue. Relieves pain, itching - reapply as needed. Use Prep. H. at bedtime when you're sour your feet - give time to work - suppositories or creme at night.

Nicotine can relax the anal sphincter. Tobacco users may hold more problems with hemorrhoids [piles] since anal sphincter can be relaxed satisfactory for these to protrude.

Most important [best medicine] is a lofty fiber diet with ample fluids [coffee dehydrates - drink more marine, juice, gator-aide, etc], appropriate exercise and pious rest-breaks.
How about strangulation?
I freshly found out about this today.
Use Xango liquid!
This is the juice made from a fruit grown solitary in the Far East and have been used for centuries contained by healing gastroin-testinal prescription.
It reduces inflammation surrounded by the intestine,which inflammation causes the loss of essential nutients and body fluids into the stool.Scientific evidence from university laboratories appears to support the reported benefits near gastoin-testinal problems experienced by mangosteen users.

I find germoloids the best, get the cream and suppositories, they type of numb you were it wants it
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Please check this site, has angelic info on alterntive remdies, home remedies & diet &vitamins etc. I typed in piles contained by search for you, these are the results:

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