Has anyone hear of magnesium helping MS symptons?

I donot know about magnesium but i thought you might be interested surrounded by these articles on alternative therpaies for MS. it's a website I trust & is a good source of info.
Yes, I own heard of that. Also, my physician recommend it for a healthy heart, too.
Not hear that, but do believe that trace elements are hard to come by surrounded by our diets now the soil is depleted and we unmistakably need a diverse diet, and can't always afford natural food.
You could try looking on the 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' web site, do a hunt there - theres lots of info so you may hold to read several articles
Magnesium is needed for calcium absorption and for proper muscular coodination (1,000 - 1,500mg per day). There are alot of different supplements that can relieve with MS. Go to your check out bar and type within "alternative medicine for multiple sclerosis" and read through the down sites. I'm sure you will find alot of information by doing this. Just the magnesium alone may not help but surrounded by a combination with other beneficial supplements you should know how to get some nouns.
No but I have read masses articles that Bee Royal Jelly does, You can read more about it or ask online question, they have a doctor on staff at www.beeroyalproducts.com I also know this product contains magnesium, calcium,selenium and a mixture of B Vitamins and Acetyl CHoline that transmitts message to the nerve ending good luck
Listen to Aunty LM she is reasonably right as usual.....
two people surrounded by the UK got into serious trouble for helping MS sufferers - they sold them hash chocolate!
bloody politicians....

own a look at emofree dot com - they do terrific work for all kind of problems - also MS!!!
Please don't go out and buy a magnesium supplement. It is not the sort of entity that should be supplemented on its own without professional suggestion. You should talk to a qualified professional roughly speaking this. It's a very complicated nouns.
no, but its good for migraine sufferers

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