What generous of pills that could lower someones blood pressure,for those who enjoy diabetes?

1. Exercise
2. Drink plenty of water [at lowest 64 oz or more a day]
3. Eat a low sodium diet [you would be amazed at how much sodium we consume unknowingly]
4. Increase your intake of diuretic foods.... mostly fruits and vegetables like celery, lemons, melons etc.
5. Increase your fiber intake.
6. Increase your potassium intake [orange liquid is a good source as are vitamins]
I can suggest u some remedies.
1- Drink more sea than u do
2- Ur food content should be watery (more of gooey food not condensed food)
3- Reduce the amount of salt.
4- Drink barley within any form suitable to u.
5- Walk a Km per day and increase to more or less 5 per day, impulsive in the morning preferable until that time sunrise.
6- Do breathing exercise, inhaling from one nostrils- slowly retaining and exhailing from the other slowly for about 15 minutes
7- Apply magnet wrist decoration on ur right hand (for High BP)
Do not stop taking any prescription medication without your doctor's approval. If you suddenly stop medication for giant blood pressure, this can cause your BP to worryingly skyrocket, putting you at risk for a heart attack and stroke. Uncontrolled blood pressure can also cause equal outcome.

Stevia is a natural non-caloric herb that lots diabetics use as a sweetener product. It also lowers blood pressure. Speak to your doctor before taking it if you use anti-hypertensive medication to control your blood pressure. Omega 3 fatty acids should also be used.

Please work next to your doctor. A healthy cellulose rich diet, exercise, stress reduction, sodium restriction, and cargo loss can also help. Cut out caffeine, smoking, and alcohol.

Some diabetics hold high blood pressure explicitly severely elevated or elevated due to diabetic kidney damage. In this grip, medication is needed. An ACE inhibitor is usually used. Many doctors also recommend medication to keep blood pressure low surrounded by diabetics to reduce the risk of their increased arbitrary of heart disease.
Herbs like Terminalia arjuna are fundamentally useful for lowering blood pressure, lacking any side effects. Search for herbal tea for blood pressure on internet and you will find herbal teas containing terminalia arjuna. Breathing exercises like Pranayama are vastly useful for lowering blood pressure smoothly. There is a website on which you will find all herbal remedies, for diabetes and blood pressure. You can even consult an Ayurveda expert at that site... it is www.planetayurveda.com Wish you form, wealth and jollity !

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