If Extenze or Enzyte dosen't work, why do they dispense a free example?

Its called the Placebo Effect. You will presume its working.
if those are the products that I am thinking of, they may work for some people that hold blood flow problems, they look and say hey it worked. when adjectives it did was increase blood flow, even though nought actually change.
There are two reasons. First, there's the placebo effect, and second, scam artists enjoy known for ages that the immense majority of people who settle up money for junk beside a money-back guarantee don't bother to ask for their money back, so they with the sole purpose need to hold the tiniest legal hook to avoid the technicalities of messages fraud, and they'll make money.
Just because it doesn't work for one creature doesn't mean it won't work for someone else. I'v see many accurate medications tried over time that a short time ago don't work for some people even when taken within high doses, but for others the smallest possible dose cut in partially does the trick. Then there is other the question...how desperate do you want it to work? The mind is a powerful healer.

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