Sore Throat!!?

Ok it started about 4 days ago and it will not budge away ive been taking 4 different cough drops and i even get the ricola with Echinacea, tryed the gargle melt salt river technique. Now I woke up at 8:00AM and the sore throat does not appear til about 430pm everyday.I do not know what else to try if anyone can be of support please! I can barely swallow as it it and when i do swallow it bolts me from my sitting or standing position!

You may enjoy strep which is a bacterial infection and needs direct antibiotic medication. Strep is from the staph (for short) bacteria and can't be tolerate go. Please do beckon your doctor and try to get an appointment to see him or her. In the meantime, possibly keep trying the heat salt river gargling and drinking reheat tea and other warm foods such as clear soup close to chicken noodle.

For throat lozenges, I prefer the chloreseptic cherry flavor as they numb the throat a bit. And please remember to drink enough fluids as I saw mentioned on another post here and the tea and soup can sustain with that as all right. And if you take ibuprofin (such as advil or motrin) for restlessness reduction or aching, please remember to eat food Before taking it to backing protect the stomach from developing ulcers. Just to reiterate, please due hail as your physician as bacteria can solely be erradicated by antibiotic medication. Feel better soon!

P.S. That's reprehensible that your dr's office said that the subsequent available appointment is for may 21st!! Please do contact a different dr. You just may own to go to the ER to gain this under control. If it is strep, you don't want to go and get progressively worse and really sick where you would requirement to go to the ER by ambulance, seriously. Please be proactive and give somebody a lift good carefulness.
It sounds like an environmental sensitivity. You are react to something in your home,saloon or work that is cause your throat to react to it by swelling and copious throat pains are just how it feel when your body is fighting any an infection or allergy or sensitivity to something.
I am having matching thing. I know it isn't an infection because I took antibiotics and it didn't back and I take a sip of NyQuil and it fixes it for a bit. The NyQuil have antihistamines in it to scrap allergens
Try to gargle with listerine (kills germs ya know) or see a doctor.
what you want to do is achieve some cayenne powder shake a bit into some water and gargle next to it for several minutes, it might burn a bit if you use too much. if so just maintain drinking water, the sensation will finishing at most 10 minutes. if it is JUST a sore throat it should clear it up fairly at full tilt. but what you want to do is make sure you don't own any white spots in your throat/back of the mouth, you may own strep throat. and if you have have it for this long it may require a trip to the doctor.
Take some Tylenol and get some honey ( kill bacteria and soothes throat). Go see a doctor and carry a throat culture, make sure its not strep.

Feel better soon!
A sore throat can be cause by a variety of things. Commonly a virus that have to run its course on its own. I suggest taking an Echinacea Goldenseal supplement, which is great for immunity. Also pinch some vitamin A, Ester C, and Zinc. All of these should help you surface better even if it is a virus. For you to feel better I suggest continuing the cough drops, steal a decongestant ( post nasal drip, possibly from a sinus infection can cause a sore throat), drink LOTS of hose down, REST REST REST, take ibuprofen for the misery, and heat up some dampen in the microwave and mix honey and lemon liquid in it. The honey will coat your throat to glibness the pain, and the lemon liquid should slightly help to take out whats causing your sore throat. If this last for a week or more I do suggest you go to your doctor because it may be bacterial which can be treated near an antibiotic.
If the pain is that severe, you should see a throat specialist.

I recommend drinking chamomille tea next to plenty of honey (but not sickly sweet). It has help me many times.

I also VERY outstandingly recommend strepsils. I don't know where to buy them within the USA, but there are some links below. Maybe you can ship worldwide from here. Personally I buy a bunch whenever I visit philippines because I receive very unpromising throat sometimes. Even if they don't magically take it away, they do engender the pain more managable and they also wipe out germs.
Hmmm. It could be a lot of different things.Is your lymph nodes on the side of your throat swelled? Are you running a hallucination? It could be anything from tonsilits to mononucleosis. Since you have have it for 4 days, and it isn't getting any better, I suggest the er.
since you gargling beside salt marine before bed, drink more hose down and avoid fry stuff.

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