I have be drinking TAHITIAN NONI Juice for about five years and found it to be powerful in keeping me from getting sick. I enjoy been reading several postings here and other "answer sites" about how great Tru Noni liquid is and I want to know how it compares to TAHITIAN NONI. I see that Tru Noni is half the price of TNJ and Tru Noni is 100% pure but does not contain the blueberry and grape concentrate. Have you tried Tru Noni and how does it compare to TAHITIAN NONI JUICE?

Tru Noni by far!

I am a “nutritional nut” I spend hours study nutritional companies and their products. I found most save all companies that use independent distributors to distribute form drinks sell their products through Multi Level model and own high prices next to lower level of the primary ingredient that they are exposure.

For example, “aamie1” has a fabulous product for you to check out, something that he/she think is better than Noni. However, look at the company and it uses MLM model meaning that their price will be high to pay the multiple level of distributor. What is more, if you want to buy their product you must sign-up for “Auto-ship” and receive their product monthly.

What you need to look at is the product ingredients. The company this distributor represents is “Vemma” and they put on the market a Mangosteen” juice blend for $60 per 32-ounce plastic bottle and its not even pure Mangosteen the severely ingredient they propose to have healthful benefits. They recontute the fruit that translates into calculation water.

The same go for TAHITIAN NONI, XANGO, and Himalayan Goji. All of them are MLM products and use a reconstituted version as their primary fruit.

Tru Noni in opposition is 100% pure Noni juice lacking water and other ingredients added for flavoring. When I first swited from TAHITIAN NONI JUICE my body instantly felt the difference that comes from a pure liquid rather than a blended liquid product.
I was drinking Noni as in good health but I just switch to another unconscious liquid supplement as this spanking new one has more vitamins and minerals than Noni. You can check it for yourself beneath http://www.raymonde.72hours2success.com...
I too am on a Supplement drink. I drink Xango, it has tons of Antioxidants and Xanthones contained by the juice. Its made from the intact fruit of the Mangosteen.

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