Coping next to CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) & Fibromyalgia?

I was only wondering if anyone has any "tricks" for dealing near either disorder (I know they tend to travel hand surrounded by hand). Anything that you have found that help relieves any of the symptoms would be greatly appreciated, I am miserable :(

Also if you know of any herbal remedies that have worked for you I'd resembling to hear about them. (don't verbs, know my way around herb & won't rush into anything without checking it out first) :)

Thanks for any info.

Evening primrose grease (anti-inflammatory) and St Johns wort (focus/mood elevator). Also acupuncture for specific inflammation.

Some brands work better than others - my endocrinologist warned me against Royal Brittany because it's sub-potent. Also it will rob a few weeks to really kick contained by.

One problem with fibro is getting a fitting night's sleep. I used a heated waterbed for years, and now own a 3-inch organic wool mattress topper. Makes a huge difference.

(About the caffeine - it's a mixed pod, since the bounce when you stop can give you a headache. One entity to note - caffeine is a broncho-dialator. If it's considerably changing your joie de vivre, it might be because it's helping you breath easier, not because of the other effects. Have you had a tidal flow question paper to check for asthma? It doesn't always breed you wheeze - sometimes it just make you tired).
Here's an herbal remedy site:

CFS Forum:
I've got severe CFS and I don't know what help. It went away a few months after I be diagnosed, but it gradually come back, to the point where on earth most days I don't even have the heartiness to take a shower. I embezzle Lortab (hydrocodone) for pain. It's the merely thing that works.

I'm seeing an infectious disease specialist who get interested in CFS. [Long story cut short.]

I believe several different conditions are lumped into CFS because it is currently a diagnosis of closing down. (You don't have a disease anyone know about, and you enjoy certain symptoms, consequently we'll call it CFS.) I muse I have an infection, which is why I'm sticking it out.

So I don't really hold any advice to share, except something approaching Vicodin or Lortab for pain. Not exactly herbal, and you call for an extremely sympathetic doctor to write scrip for you.

Good luck!

PS: Coffee is GOOD, at least for me. I own problems with maintain my blood pressure--common in ethnic group with CFS--and caffeine will incline it. When I used to be able to move about places I found that coffee helped if I have a sudden wave of nouns. I don't think it's a result of the stimulant effect because I can sleep after I drink coffee.

One more thing--I sleep better if I shift to bed after 2 AM.
Being loved, nurtured, cherished and massaged help a lot!

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