Is drinking iced tea as upright for its antioxidant effect as hot brewed?

From Reader's Digest:

"Bag it. When Consumer Reports tested the antioxidant punch of 15 brewed, bottled, and instant teas, it found most teas brewed from tea bags score highest surrounded by antioxidant content. In fact, the magazine reported, "Brewed tea appears to enjoy more antioxidant action than almost any adjectives fruit or vegetable -- and more than most commercial fruit or vegetable juices, too." But iced teas from mixes and bottle are a fully clad second choice; they contain a "good deal" of antioxidants, according to the magazine. Just study the sugar content.

Dunk the bag. Continuously dunking the tea pod as the tea steeps seems to release far more antioxidant compounds than simply dropping it within and leaving it within.

Add lemon. One study found that the addition of lemon to plain tea increased its antioxidant benefits. That make sense, since lemon itself contains antioxidants.

Brew a batch. To manufacture a day's supply of iced tea, bring 20 ounces of water to a boil, after remove from the heat. Drop surrounded by three tea bags, cover, and steep for 10 minutes. Remove tea plenty and refrigerate.

Try green tea. Because it isn't fermented, green tea has even more antioxidant power than black tea does. It also have less caffeine. And it may provide some protection against infallible cancers. Experiment near brands until you find one you like. Don't tolerate green tea steep for more than a couple of minutes or it may become bitter. "
According to Web MD if you do not put a lot of rime in your tea consequently it has no effect at adjectives.
Green and white teas iced or hot.
yes. If your looking for a really good antioxidant look into the Mangosteen fruit have tons of antioxidants more then any other fruit.
I decision I could give you the hint, but it was frequent years ago that I read this study. It said that the antioxidant properties of green tea significantly declined once it cooled. Therefore, the answer to your request for information is "no."

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