Sore throat inevitability sudden fix FAST!?

I have to verbs a poem tomorrow and I have a sore throat and almost no voice. What is a swift home remedy that will sooth it at least for the time individual?

No problem...peppermints, or anything that has a huge blast of peppermint flavor!! Peppermint flavoring comes from peppermint plants which contain a sizeable dosage of menthol. Menthol is used to heal cramps and pains surrounded by muscles. Try soft peppermints, they work fast. (That's also why greatly of cough drops are spiriment or pepperment flavored.)
Hum you can try to squeeze lemon juice and mix it next to a bit of salt. It's a well-mannered remedy for me anyway.
Just got over mine, thank piousness. Do this now and formerly you go to academy; drink hot tea with honey and lemon. The honey coats your throat and the sharp from the lemon kills germs. Plus, it tastes correct. Don't eat or swallow anything 'hard', similar to fried stuff and chips, etc., which will only irritate it more. If you can craft it to walgreens get some Cold-eeze (zinc drops)- they work better than cough drops. Drink lots of fluids (like hose!) and get lots of rest, which produces anti-bodies. Start this immediately, because sore throat is often the first sign to a full blow cold. Good luck!
Pour a tablespoon full of unfiltered apple cider vinegar into a cup of river. It sounds gross but it will kill sore throat germs and help tremendously.
Gargle with heat up salt river as often as you similar to, this will take away aching and swelling very at full tilt.
Everyone that I have talk to about that said that gargle apple cider vinegar worked the best. But you don't want to use straight vinegar cause it can erode your teeth. Mix 1 tablespoon near an 8oz. glass of hose. I suppose pickle juice would even work!
this video is great at summarizing and demonstrating pointers:

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