molasses contains inositol which help fleece growth & lithium which coz hackle loss,should we transport it or avoid it

Molasses and hair Growth & Loss

First of Al, do you be going to blackstrap molasses that you can use as a alternative sweetener because they have profusely more in them that are intensely beneficial for the health, resembling protein, carbohydrate, iron,sodium and potassium. You can have it contained by porridge or mixed with milk or river (hot), or taken directly from a spoon this is a raw product that fluently remains after sugar milling has occur.
i'd rather hold hair on my I'd avoid it. :-)
There isn't enough of any to cause concern. Molasses, especially blackstrap, is a great source of iron and some of the B complex. Go ahead and delight in!
Blackstrap Molasses can be great for increasing your iron levels subsequently helping near hair growth. However, you also call for to find out the reason why your spike is falling out in the first place. Your iron level may be fine and you could be losing your hair for another function. There are a number of reason such as surgery, new medication, hormonal imbalances, trauma, etc. I suggest that you own some blood work done first to rule out any other serious conditions.

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