St John's Wort and how to bring sour it?

Hi - I have be taking St Johns Wort 1+1/2 tabs/day (bottle states "each tab.extract equiv. dry Hypericum perforatum herb top fl.1.8g stand to flavanoid glycosides 18mg stand. to hypericin 990cg". (Mediherb) for 6 years very soon and recently changed to taking 2 tabs/day of Hyp.p 750g beside added herbs (Schizandra,Tumera and Scutellaria - combined call "Nevaton"-Mediherb)
Has anyone taken St J for a few years then gone stale it? Did you experience any side effects ON the herb and/or withdrawls when you went OFF the herb? I also nick Remifemin (a Black Cohosh extract). I have be feeling a short time "light headed" (3 months, so am looking at what I'm taking). BP is OK. There are no side effects mentioned on the Remifemin brochure. Also, do you have any other guidance? NB. I am over 60 and also use a Progesterone cream (NOT the synthetic Progestin) and is made up by Compounding chemists. Thanks (I am a trained nurse with a willing interest in using untaught therapies, NOT traditional drugs!

I am below the care of an NMD (Naturopathic Medical Doctor) and he said that you do not have need of to taper off St. John's Wort. I be taking it 3 times a day for 2 months and stopped cold turkey. I don't know around your other herbs. I'm on the instinctive progesterone cream too.

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