Way to backing me study and focus on my work?

im a college freshman and dont have any motivation to travel to class..i go prob every other speech so like thats once or twice a week..when i do travel its difficult for me to pay attention bc my classes are so boring! i dont do any drugs or anything..but plentifully of students here use adderall just to relieve study for tests. do you guess if i took this in a low dosage past my tests this semester itd be injurious? itd only be a couple of times.

and also...does anyone know anything else i could rob that could help me focus thats non-prescription and merely like a innate remedy to boost my focus? i saw someone once recommended a herbal supplement that supports the body's natural faculty to concentrate, assimilates information and regulate emotion, help maintain a mundane, healthy attitude during over-stimulation, and promotes relaxation and in proportion mood, but this was simply available online.

does anyone know of any supplements like that at cvs?
gratefulness for any help!

Answer:    Dear Friend,

Having be where you are in a minute, I totally understand. I used to plunge asleep in classes. How embarrasing. Anyway, I believe the answer does not pretend in chemicals to hang on to you going. I think it is vitamins. Like a combination of B-6, B-12 and folic Acid. It give alot of people the gusto and focus they need lacking drug side effects. Hey no sales pitch, basically maybe, check it out if you want to o.k.? www.expectingtohelpu.com.
Ginkyo Biloba for brain function and concentration.

Rhodiola Rosea for tiredness and to give a hand you keep alert and focus - also help relieve stress.
there's a product called focus formula at the drug store. I don't infer taking adderal is a good impression unless you have adhd and it is prescribed for you. Amphetamines can bring in some people denote. Sobe has an perkiness drink that works really well for me. I use it when I obligation a boost. (no Caffeine) L-Tyrosine
DL- (or L-) Phenylalanine
Alpha GPC

Inositol might help
Chromium picolinate might help out

Ginseng might help
Ginkgo Biloba might serve
Get a good power fish supplement and a liquid formula B-complex.
Also, try to enjoy more good trait protein in your diet.

Take a brisk walk- partially an hour - daily to animate your mind.

Do some yoga poses to relax you.

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