Is it really that tough to quit sturdy drugs?

I'm not gonna lie. I experimented beside meth, crack/coke and acid within my youth (i'm still fairly young-looking, 23), but i have crushed these addictive drugs with great lighten. i see kids that have be on the junk for years and to see where on earth they are and where i am is strange to me. i can't seem to be to quit the cigarettes though. and i smoke the cheeba whenever it's around. but if any of you out there have drug problems, just totter away from it. it's bad communication man. it's way too expensive (and risky) and it make you feel resembling a couch cushion. but it's totally easy to realize that you are better than that. I hold hopes and dreams and i don't think the devil himself could come between me and my life span. it's not worth your life. I encounter some 'meth heads' the other day, and i told them i used to use that stuff but i don't anymore, and they thought i be crazy. they called me and my buddy 'used-to-bes'. damn rights i'm a 'used-to-be', and i'll never-be-again. preserverance+determination=co.

im in the order of the same as you. but im 38. copious of my old friends enjoy been taken out or getting taken out by them. coke almost have me. but i dont think you chitchat to them is going to matter..after alll. they enjoy to realize their own dreams before they can develop the desire to put together a change within their life
Some those are willing to trade their go for these drugs. Some people die beside these drugs in their bodies. Some die from gunshot wounds trying to gain or steal or defend these drugs.
Some will decline in love next to life and drink it from a fountain
I don't return with it either.
I construe you're an idiot and you write too much junk! What be your question?
its your state of mind while using drugs. Some do it to escape & do it frequently. Thus making the addiction stronger.
You answered your own give somebody the third degree. It's not what you've done, or how much, but how long. Don't do anything in excess. Hell, I'll still can't ratify up the cheeba( I never heard anyone else bid it that before, except around my neighborhood), but that won't fry your brain, or distribute you a stroke, or a heartattack. I've done all that and more, and I'm done. Just tight-fisted what you say. Take your own proposal.
You should be proud of yourself for choose life. Helping others to stay away from drugs it's wonderful,purely don't fall again.It will be firm,but be strong,you made a big step don't ruin it.
Good Luch to you!
Me I'm an addict!
I myself used to be addicted to meth or should I articulate "My drug of choice". I've been verbs now for 11 months. I still procure the craves every now and later but in reclamation you learn technique like the stop thinking process. I hit rock bottom and consistency great now yeh I've gain 15 lbs. But my children and my life be set to way to much to me. That drug is the DEVIL! and it will robb you of everything you hold. I dropped all my aged friends "meth heads" I look at them today and think "yuck" what be I thinking! and they look at me with such shame because I've get good things going for me. Email me if you'd close to to chat!
It sounds like you're answering your own press, so, I'll agree mostly with the partly of your sentence that reads " . . . newly walk away from it." It's lately like that much-maligned phrase that former First Lady Nancy Reagan said, "Just say aloud no!" It's another one of those magically truthful realities that simply a conservative, Republican American could KNOW was the truth, and could read out it aloud, despite how unpopular or "politically incorrect" it was. There's no better treatment anywhere than those words, "Just vote no." Now you can add yours to the register of classic treatment methodologies, "Just walk away from it." You're more classically intelligent than you ever know, huh?!! And I spent 20+ years as a mental health professional specializing surrounded by substance abuse treatment to know that. You're patently smarter than you thought. God Bless you.
One word in your story caught my attention."experimented". It's one entity to experiment and another to become addicted. People who are doing them, even when it's just for fun, do not realize that they're getting addicted. I've be there. Thank God I get out of that lifestyle before it be too late. But my behind the times friends are still in that situation. We adjectives started it together "just for fun". After so much, your body and mind become dependant on them. I know this first appendage. My friends are still putting the drugs before their family circle, kids, jobs, ect. My dad is battle a crack addiction right now. You and anyone else can influence it's just that trouble-free "just hoof it away from it". For alot of people, it's not that effortless. Crystal Meth was my drug of choice. I haven't done it contained by 4 years, and the thought still crosses my mind every once in a while. Congratulations on choosing not to do it. Have a devout life =)
I enjoy no personal experience in quiting/doing not easy drugs, but generally speaking (assuming you believe statistics) it is intricate to quit hard drugs. There are other cases of people doing strong drug in hulking quantities for years and in recent times stopping one day, but it is an anomaly. If it be pot though this wouldn't be anything special as it isn't physically addicting. Also you said "experimented with" which implies that you with the sole purpose did them a little or a few times so addiction isn't really an issue (I know you can be addicted your first time but it smaller amount likely) here. I would say that you only have more determination and self-discipline than most addict would be why it was easier for you to quit. Congrats on quitting drugs but it seem like you are belittling adjectives those who try to quit and haven't succeeded yet.

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