$20 daypack of weed?

how many grams should a 20 sack weigh??

wow... I swot something new everyday...
At smallest 2.
I guess there is no such entry as a nickle bag anymore.
it depends on several factor:

what grade you are getting (schwag, mid level, premium such as nuggets, hydro, etc)
the supply within your area (if supply is controlled such as a few months before pick or if a major drug bust or two enjoy happened contained by your area, prices will be much higher)

the degree you are purchasing (you will get better operation when purchasing qp or p than a small sac. you can expect to pay full price.

So let assume average demand and full price (since you are simply getting a small sac):

if it is "schwag" or stuff that is "as is" such as may be some stem or seed, and low grade (leaf ends, etc) usually that go for about 30 a quarter ounce (ounce is 28.5 grams but some freshly round to 28). so using math (yes dealers use a great deal of math if you don't believe.) 120 for that ounce if purchased small amounts comes to 1/6 of an ounce, or :

ABOUT 4.7 to 4.75 grams

now let figure if you bought mid order. Full price for midgrade may go from anywhere 50 - 80 dollars a quarter ounce. That converts to 200 to 320 per ounce if bought within small quantities resembling you are. that means your 20 backpack should weigh:

1/10 ounce to 1/16 ounce, or
2.8g (lower mid grade) or down to 1.75g (for higher mid grade)

presently you go to the premium (a.k.a. "christmas palm leaf, norther nights, jack herrer, or slang possession NUGS) This is normally 1 to 2 hit-and-youre-done premium stuff. This usually go for 400 per ounce (if bought in small quantities). so your sac should weigh going on for :

1/20 ounce, or only 1.4 grams

plain and simple 3 grams is what it should weigh, anything smaller number you got ripped rotten anything more feel luck as a dog!

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