Soul doctor facilitate please herniated disc annular break homeopathy?

Soul doctor I had an mri and I be diagnosed with an annular hole and degenerative disc or herniated dic can you recommend me something to heal my vertebrae many thankfulness soul dr god bless

Take ARNICA MONTANA and RHUS TOX both together in 200 potency partially an hour before or after meal always on an relinquish stomach, initially take one dose every hour till you start thought relief contained by your back after that in recent times once a day is the regular dosage. Please report wager on with your progress after taking the drug for three days.

Take Care and God Bless
I'm not Soul Doctor, but please look into Network Chiropractic. It is an extremely light touch form of chiro and have helped me immensely within my life. Don't know where on earth you are in the country, but if you obligation a referral google "Network Chiropractic + your state" or call Dr. Dale Powers surrounded by Auburn, CA @ (Whatever the area code for Auburn, CA is now) 8BB-8865. He can lend a hand you! He once fixed an asthma attack for me that would have have me hospitalized. He did it in around 15 minutes, while I was on the path to the hospital.
P.T.Barnum was right...
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