If I kiss or bite some one that smokes pot?

And I get a drug exam will it show up that I smoked pot?

Nope, it will only show up on your drug examination if you took it in directly (smoked some yourself).
Why are you kissing or biting a pothead??? Can't you do better for yourself?
you're not serious are you?
no. theres no approach.
dang, that was resembling the most stupids question i hold ever heard!!!!!
I know if you inhale the smoke or bearing by. Your hair and pee can pop positive
no style. its stored in fleshy, that comes out over time. but not in your mouth
No. You may turn into a 'weed-vampire' though. LOL
No, unless you bit them and kill them and drank most of their blood then u might hold a slight chance of failing the drug theory test.
yeah ! it*s called contact illustrious ! are you blonde ?
nooooooo......but the people that you are BITING conceivably should think in the region of getting tested for RABIES!!!!!
No, but I guess any excuse is as good as the subsequent one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your not talking just about HIV here. Its not transmitted from one person to another. You certainly bite people?
categorically not.

If you're still freaked out, than go to the drug store. They market OTC drug tests. Test yourself!
Heck no, it's not a disease you can shut in.
Absolutely. It has be a proven fact that if you be to particularly Kiss someone that have somked pot you can also end up getting glorious! lol

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