Stage Hypnotism..?

I'm going to go next to a group of friends to an erotic hypnotism show at a comedy club and am thinking about volunteering. I've see the shows on stage, like at arts school and fairs but never an "X-rated" one. So I'm curious as to what its close to and about. I'm thinking roughly speaking volunteering and won't mind being embarassed by close to thinking im a chicken or a cat.but I don't want to strip or who has be to one of these shows let me know.should I volunteer? Also...whatt is stage hypnosis approaching.Thanks

Hypnosis does not involve mind control or unconsciousness.
Hypnosis is a fluent experience that happens to most of us respectively day when we become engaged in doing something resembling driving, working, reading, or watching TV.
You are in control at adjectives times while in hypnosis.
While within hypnosis, you only utter and do what you would normally say aloud and do in a conscious state.
You can return to full consciousness any time you any want to of feel the obligation to.

In summary, you cannot be hypnotized to do something that you don't choose to do. The people who look approaching they are randomly preferred from the audience, are not. They often hold auditions within advance of the show for the parts these so-called "random" audience member will play. On occasion, they'll choose an actual audience branch, but when they do that, they make sure the hypnosis suggestions are something that the average character wouldn't mind doing anyway.
normally they will pick who they want, but if ask for someone and you want to why not. The sense I said they normally pick who they want, they will be watching or own someone watching the crowd as the people come within, They are looking for specific personality types which would hypnotise the easiest.

The society being hypnotised don't realise it, and don't know what they did when they come out of it.
I've never be to one of these shows. But from that on-line video posted on YouTube once of a joke of race being hypnotized to enjoy sex with chairs, I ponder it'll just be for fun. In other words, the race on stage pretend to be hypnotized in a funny road. I doubt anyone gets naked--they probably basically do some sexual things.
if u really want to volunteer, volunteer for a good lead to, like a community center/house, church, temple, mosque.
i be a volenteer for a hypnotist doing a sexual "jerry springer show" and it was funny as hell, no striping and nobody get hurt, emot, or phys.
id do it again

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