I would love to see a slot: Picking inborn supplements that are authentic nutraceuticals. M.E.Laird, Ph.D.?

I have my Ph.D. surrounded by Natural Health. So many race come to me saying they have tried this supplement or that herb and got no results. People requirement to know what to look for, questions to ask, and how to determine if they really obligation a nutraceutical. People are throwing their money away by going to health food store and buying freshly "whatever" looks good or what they hear would help. Nutraceuticals are instinctive molecules that have definite research behind them to know they raison d`¨ētre a pharmaceutical effect. They must be active molecules and processed properly or they enjoy no value to them. This is an nouns that the average person wishes some knowledge in the order of for their own health. Thanks for letting me post. Will I know if you agree on to add this to your site??
Martha E. Laird
M.Ed, Ph.D.

Nutraceuticals are neither Nutritional food nor pharmaceuticals. One should not expect definitive vigour benefits by using them alone. People should not get carried away by reading attractive explanations given on product label and waste their money. Usually herbal supplements do not furnish instant results. The effects are slow but steady.
It is always better to hope proper medical advise for robustness problems, rather than using this supplement or that supplement found within shops.
I am an Ayurveda Physician with my PhD and have over 35 years of clinical practice. Thanks.

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