Is it ok to appropriate a on a daily basis multivitamin/multimineral... Vitamin C, Omega 3, and St John's Wort on a daily basis?

My multivitamin has a atmosphere dose of vitamin c, so I know it's ok to take more vitamin C, although I'm not sure how the entire mix of the aforementioned vitamins and herbs mesh. Also, is it ok to cart one after the other each morning? Is it better to space out the time surrounded by between each vitamin/herb?

drink liquid with fresh vitamin c -- its better for you and works better near your body. likewise food sources of omega 3. whats the st johns wort for? if its for depression anxiety try 5htp instead. st johns wort is some funky stuff. they are studying saffron as a better antidpressant than st johns very soon. also stop eating fat in processed foods and animal fat -- they are hard for your body to digest and front to lethargy which can organize to depression. give up mcdonalds for a mentally improved you.
Be very aware that St John's Wort interacts next to many other medicine, including the birth control pill.
Those should be fine together as long as you are not taking a drug that interactions with the phytochemicals contained by the St John's Wort.
It is better to space out the dosing depending on the suggestions for use...If it says cart 3 tabs day after day it is better to take 1- 3x a year or split them up 2 in the am and 1 at hours of darkness before bed or beside dinner.If you want the supplements to work you need to pinch them consistently...1500 mg of C a day is a middle-of-the-road dose and is easier if you have 1000 mg tab...If you are not sure about what herb not to mix you can find info on the net or ask somebody at a strength food store.Or get yourself a obedient book about the subject...Prescription for Nutritional therapeutic is a good on what to pinch for most ailments .It talks almost diet to.
As for vitamin C, the tolerable limit is up to 2,000 mg. a afternoon. Even past that hold back there is little risk, but those near kidney stones can increase that risk if they exceed 2,000 mg. The trick is to know how potent the vitamin is. A tablet, or two, or several is probably fine but if you are taking large supplements of Vitamin C, resembling in a shake, afterwards that is unnecessary.
All artificial products should be avoided. Try to supplement near natural food or herbal supplements.

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