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I'm having a cold at the moment, does it still sustain if i eat red???


The thing almost vitamin C is that we cannot produce it or store it in our bodies. Although it is a fantastic pick-me-up for the immune system, in that are two keys to nouns... the first is dosage - you should be taking grams (1000mg) at a time rather than milligrams, and also you want to take it regularly or your body will 'run out' again and hence you feel poorly again.

If I hold a cold I take two or three grams every couple of hours until I surface better, then drop that to one gram every couple of hours for a morning or so after that to bolster my immune system back up again and I find it works resembling a charm every time.

You can't overdose by accident as your body only throws out the excess in diarrhoea if you purloin too much, but I have taken 28g within one day back when I was not at your best and did not have this problem, so it purely goes to show how much you can involve and need to recuperate...

Although oranges, kiwi fruit and many veg are well brought-up natural sources of vitamin C, the amounts are really comparatively tiny in comparison, so you would necessitate a lot to trade name a real difference (depending on how poorly you feel).

Hope you get the impression better soon!
yes it will help. I merely had a cold so i ate profusely of fruits and veges. I got better inside two days
Not a ton. Try zinc (echinacea has be proven pretty much ineffective), ginger, garlic. Zicam or Airborne (of course, they help more the in advance you take them, but they still assist some even after you get a cold.)

Try soup or stirfry w/garlic, onions, and ginger. Asian-influenced.

Vitamin C is OK, but it doesn't backing your immune system like the "spicy flavors"--cinnamon, garlic, onions, ginger, hot peppers--they're proven antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral.
Yes hold a lot of vitamin c, but I lot of rest is as ably important.
All week I own had a cold, I own been taking 2000 mg of vitamin c. Normally a cold concluding 2 weeks and really makes me have a feeling aweful. I am a week in and reaction much better.
Start drinking orange liquid the minute you feel something coming on, it will conspicuously help. Drink an profusion of it throughout the day.
Take vitamin C tablets and also garlic tablets, Not gel they label you stink. Kwai, Kyolic, Naturemade.

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